Show Me the Money: How to Make Money Vlogging

Show Me the Money: How to Make Money Vlogging

In 2018, 85% of internet users in the United States watched video content. Video marketing is an excellent way to reach more people when growing your business.


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Video production is the process of planning, filming, and finalizing a video. Producing videos is a great way to tell stories or implement a new marketing strategy. If you understand the basics of video production, you will know that it can take a while to create a video. However, when done well, a video can be an amazing piece of content. Whether you want to tell a story or market your next product, you should consider the stages of video production. Of course, no two videos will take the same length of time to produce. Some may move through the steps quickly, while others may take longer. One video might get stuck in one stage, while a different video will get stuck in a different part of the process. Still, you should know the different video production stages so that you can plan for them when creating a video.

Almost every video goes through the same basic steps, from coming up with an idea to premiering the video. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a short marketing clip or a full-length movie.

You need to take your video through the following stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

While you might be able to breeze through these steps, take them seriously. You want to put out the best video that you can, and that can take time. Of course, you might be able to create a marketing video within a week or two. However, a longer movie could take months to complete. Before you begin making your first video, you should know what each stage entails. Then, you can account for the different stages when planning and scheduling everything.

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One essential part of pre-production is finalizing the script. You don’t want to start shooting if you don’t know what you’re going to talk about. You should also list out all of the shots you want to get and what order they will go in. Creating a storyboard will help you visualize what your video will look like. Next, you should consider your budget. A music video will probably have a bigger budget than a customer testimonial. However, you need to know how much money you can spend for the rest of this stage. If you’ll have other people in the video, you should look for your cast. Of course, you can’t film your video if you don’t have all of the necessary people. Because of this, you should also look for any crew members, especially if you have a longer video to shoot. At this point, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the necessary equipment. You’ll need cameras, lights, sound equipment and a filming location. Depending on your video, you may need someone to manage hair and makeup. Make sure you have everything ironed out before you move onto the next stage

The production stage is probably the most exciting part of the process. You’ve done all of the planning, you have a great idea and you have a cast and crew to help.

Now, you need to film all of the shots and scenes for your video. Depending on how long the video will be, this could take a few hours. On the other hand, it could take weeks to get all of the footage that you need.

During this stage, don’t be afraid to get multiple takes of the same scene. While you might like the first take, you want to have options so that you can include the best footage.

Even if you’re making a short video for a marketing campaign, you want to get every possible shot now. If you realize later that you forgot something, it can be a pain to set up all of the equipment and film it again.

Make sure that you use the best equipment that you can. Set up lighting so that it looks good on the people in your video.

Use external microphones to capture voices more easily.

The more you do now to improve the quality of the video, the easier it will be in the final stage of video production.


Possibly the hardest step in video production is the post-production stage. It is where you take all of the footage you have and combine it into a high-quality video.

If you’ve never worked with video, this step can be intimidating. Luckily, a video production company can help you out.

You can edit the video by splicing the footage like you would with film. Then, you can cut out awkward pauses so that you only keep the footage that you want.

You’ll also need to make sure that the audio syncs up with the video. If you haven’t already, you should also get the rights to any music that you want to use.

Adding music can add more depth and interest to the video, which can make people want to watch it and share it.

If you have other sounds besides music, you may need to do foley. Foley involves creating sounds for a video but those sounds may not be music. One example would be using wood blocks to replicate the sound of horse hooves.

After you add everything in, you can review the video. Once you’re happy with the product, you can release it to the public.

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Herman Miller
Herman Miller

Video production can seem intimidating if you don’t have experience. However, if you know the three stages of creating a video, it can be less daunting. You can break everything into smaller steps to make it easier to do.

Still need help? Contact us to get a quote for your video project!

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